Important Rules to follow:

The rules listed here have been adopted by the Whitman Flyers in accordance with Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) guidelines, State Park Rules, and common sense and good judgment to keep us all safe and flying. All members and non-members alike who use the field must adhere to these rules or face possible suspension of flying privileges. We must always bear in mind that the State Parks Dept. has given us the Privilege, not the right, to use the Polo Field.

icon-printer PDF Printable Document for a full list of the AMA issused Official Safety Code.

  • Permit and AMA documents must be in possession at the field when a member flies. Club ID cards must be displayed when flying.
  • Keep all aircraft and field boxes behind barrier in pit area.
  • Before turning on your transmitter be sure the frequency is clear. Place a clip on the frequency board with your name and channel on it. frequency numbers must be displayed on antenna. Turn off transmitter and remove frequency clip from board when flight is complete.
  • Range check transmitters before starting engine. If checking range while engine is running, have someone hold your plane.
  • No flying below the tree line. All takeoffs will be away from the pit area. All flying will be done in front of the pit area and within the perimeter of the polo field. Don not fly over the golf coarse.
  • Fly oval patterns in one direction. Landings permitted form either end of the field or diagonally depending on wind direction. Do not fly over flight line or pit.
  • High speed runs are to be made downwind and in center of field.
  • After landing, taxi parallel to red barrier approximately 25 feet out. Do not taxi directly toward the pit area.
  • No more than four aircraft flying at one time, pilots will stand at flags about twenty feet apart.
  • Landings and takeoffs shall be about fifty fee out. Aircraft are not to break ground until they pass last pilot on flight line.
  • Instructors and flight officers have the authority (under our insurance certification) to ground unsafe aircraft. Those refusing to abide by grounding request will have his permit revoked and insurance canceled.
  • No flying when any park worker is on the field.
  • Student pilots shall not fly alone and must have two instructors sign off to achieve pilot status.
  • New members with experience must demonstrate ,to a club instructor, his skills to be granted solo privileges.
  • No smoke or chemical devices may be used that will interfere with the natural environment of the park.
  • High start sail planes are not allowed while powered planes are in the air.
  • Max decibel level will be 98 DB at 9 feet measured 1 foot from ground.
  • All spectators must stay behind rope barrier. Members will control spectators in their immediate area.
  • Pick up all rubbish and debris before leaving field.
  • Any member breaking the above rules will be notified of their infraction and upon repetition of the infraction will be brought in front of the Board of Directors for review of their flying privileges.
  • The President is the sole authorized person to act as liaison for the club and State Park Commission. This is in accordance with the Park Superintendent .
  • Common sense will prevail in any situation not covered by these rules.
  • A copy of these rules and regulations have been given to the Park Superintendent.